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Fidget Cube et the whole Zhaixia Xia Zhaizi changed, although things are really good things, but also with the good is not it Otherwise it is easy to become a pile of red puzzle green, wrapped in gold wrapped silver, a group tacky. Which as now, both festive, not vulgar. Three brothers and sisters are a red book, the two brothers and Jin Xida is wearing the same style of Saharan satin round robes, but Jinxi of the gown is purple, the brothers are Qian red. Book Yao also wear red rose rose makeup of the child, the collar cuffs are rolled in a circle of red sable, lined with pink dress, more and more matte finish slim. Guests are almost to the beginning of the ceremony, the Ministry of Rites by the Ministry of Rites presided over. Jin Xida with a book Jie three first worship the day, and then toward the direction of the palace a prayer, and finally the book of three brothers and sisters to the justice of the father of Kim Hyun worship three worship, respectfully received Jin Xida prepared carefully prepared the early morning ceremony, Ceremony into. Everyone applauded, congratulations, praise, all kinds of good words not to pound the new money of the father and son four. Was about to attend, the emperor around the big father to the big blessing, carrying behind, holding, carrying the size of the box ladies eunuch filed into the room. Daifuko child holding a long single ceremony with gas.nally in the garden of fire flowers all the way to see the book Yao and Xiutao mention pen ink basket and snack basket to the direction of the pavilion, the wind did not run about the film, the book Yao fidget cube for stress relief amused laugh, show Peach and blue Jin Jin Huohuo a sympathetic tears, who let it stand on such a unscrupulous also bad taste little master it Fire escape to heaven, approaching the garden gate before slowing the claw step, swagger to walk the most shelf fox step. To see the little maidservants green Kam led the book Ching and Ade master servant came two. Book Qing warm greeting Fire Huo Lai, I brought a delicious snack to you. Fire small chin a Young, continue to take the proud step of the fox walked. Humph. I was a sole of the fox, do not accept any sugar coated bullets, not to mention, and then delicious, there are more than the spirit of the baa Ade was so good and funny Girl, you see this fire it, hey, also pulled on. Book sigh sigh, a symbol of the blessing of Fortune, is it easy to please But she really do not understand, book Yao three have any good. Make the little angel and fire have been followed Return from the capital Murong House, she also came to the summer house two years, but they reveal to her still is to ignore. Is she really no good fortune Alas, perhaps it is, or how the fiancee was a great fidget cube change Two years ago, book clear fiance Guo Jinnan s father was k.

re very satisfied with her, Relationship, they can be considered a good small frost, only female red, occasionally do snacks to eat, other living generally do not call her. Yao Ming Murong still remember the book with Xiao Ding s trouble several times, want to go to her yard Xiaoshuang, but refused to put Murong Chih. But the book Yao second time in Beijing, but heard that Murong family in the recent sale of cheated, caravan robbery, a serious loss, is out of the pass within the thief, the thief is the housekeeper Kui Shu. And fidget cube uk for sale Kui s family home in a small hospital in the evening out of the fire, the father and daughter burned to death. At that time many people are quietly talking about Beijing, is the Murong Fu Sun Master Murong violent big housekeeper Kui Shu s little frost, that maidservants since being spoiled and then did not speak a word. Murong Chancery and Murong uncle heavily punished Murong Hui, also promised to carry fidget cube a fidget cube mediumspringgreen small frost for the aunt, enjoy the treatment of your concubine, when the big housekeeper agreed, did not think it was less than half a month quietly to the Murong House heavy one strike Book Yao recovered from the memory, Kui Shu is to the mother and Xia Ruoyun said his only request I know this request some presumptuous, but the slave is only such a request, in the future will do everything possible to repay the main home. Xia Ruoyun and Liu.s to dig out, and then go to the capital to redeem her, saying that the remnants of the rest of the money gave me Messire, she also gave us life slavery servant, Pooh, what slaves do She does not just want to Pakistan with my Messire That woman a pair of fox eyes, watching is not a good thing. Store wife is calm, but also to clear the matter to explain the whole story, that store has not recovered like, or may feel cheated, eyes and even a touch of pain. If we do not worry, I can pay the equivalent of the value of the silver to you, as I bought it. If you do not worry, I can pay the equivalent of the silver ticket to you, as I bought. Yes, we just go to the capital, I am going to spring grass to ask some questions, these things we take away. You do not have to, said his wife with both hands, you put these things put it so clearly, is certainly yours, where the original thing with silver to buy you can believe that we are not accomplices, these things are not we steal Very good. Recall the store also nodded It is, it is, we can not collect money, these things you have to get it back. Shujie thought, said Well, I write to you Jie Geer, Zhang Shushu interrupted the book Jie, then turned to the store, the interface I give you write a receipt, we are in Zhangzhou Yun Park on Lucheng, from which it is less than a day s drive, What problems you later to find me, do not worry we ch.collar Shayi, jacket hazy powder on the brocade brocade jacket, inlaid with white fur scarlet brocade edge, red phoenix pattern jacquard dress, comb fly cents bun, hair The middle of wearing a gorgeous red Fei Di Chu head step gold shake, two locks of gold wire amount, gorgeous and solemn. Book Yao a recognized Weiyuan Hou couples, tears can not control the overflow of the eyes Aunt Lan , suddenly feel their gaffe, she fidget cube was the first to see Aunt Lan, and quickly excited, looking forward to Add a sentence, Lan aunt You are aunt Lan As the book Yao cover up fast, everyone did not doubt anything, little girl Well, always crying. The subject of the Yao Xue Lan also stretched red eye socket, to book Yao out his hands Yes, I am aunt Lan, Yao children come, coming to Aunt Lan, my fidget cube antiquewith good boy you suffered a lot of grievances Now, when you arrive at the capital, you will be your aunt. Lan aunt, Yao Yao book a fidget cube feldspar sprang into the arms of the yue, ooo ooo, Lan aunt, I miss you Yao Xuelan tears like a broken line of pearls good, good boy Mo cry, you look really like your mother, like a child carved out of the mold soft. Good boy, Aunt Lan always worried about the past few years If you do not think you will give your father and mother mourning, you have long been connected to the capital. Keke, Weiyuan fidget cube 3d printer Hou could not help opening The woman really is water to do Look at your Nianger two months, t.

Fidget Cube Yao Yao hung on the apricot red chair. Yao heart is very warm, past and present life, Lan aunt is the same as her daughter. Past life, the first to Beijing that a few years she did not have the opportunity to see Aunt Lan, the second to Beijing, Lan aunt got a letter from the big brother, sent her into the government, first bluntly scolded the meal, and then hold She cried. And Xue Minglang and left, she went to Weiyuan Hou House, Aunt Lan fidget cube not only did not hold anything against her, but also carefully taught her worldly and management within the house, until she embroidered a few large embroidery make money, buy in the suburbs of Beijing A small yard to move out. I do not know Lan aunt heard his death when the news is how sad, especially with the burned to death there are a few men Sedan chair gently landing, with the blue Jin playing next to the car screen to help the next Yao Yao sedan chair, behind the sedan chair Liu mother and Song mother also came over. Song mother to lead the way, a pedestrian into the hall, sitting in the hall Tingzhi, Jin Xida and the book Jie brothers have been sitting inside. On the subject sat a middle aged couple. Men a Phnom Penh black robe, hair with a golden crown with a beam, serious but not rigid, at the moment the mouth even with a trace of several invisible soft. Women face, such as the full moon, facial features, with a light blue high.ers filial piety Fortunately I can not hide, or I ll be thrown down. You Lin angry, forget the cry of a plan, Gulu climb up pointing to the text You are the little bastard harm me fall. What is the relationship with Ke Bao The book opened his eyes You are so fat Fei over I can not escape That you are not killed Do you want to kill me I have to stretch the neck and so on Ah is not it Aunt you just really want to crush me Ooo ooo, big brother I m so afraid, aunt she wanted to crush me. The voice of the boss. Immediately attracted nursing homes and maidservants woman, in front of the arrangement of things Liu mother rushed in, and the progress is pulling ran The two young master do not be afraid, I went to the guesthouse to find Gu uncle lady. In the small flower bed outside the fire of fire also rushed to jump to the book on the shoulders of the tummy, but he is to watch the fun. Left look right creak very happy. Little angel these days to be sent to the Jiulingshan book life to the wild, the fire was nausea it. Now there is a bustling look can be righteous They have been revealing, but also a treasure chest every day to fidget cube online india learn Reiki, Huohuo do not know it three little masters at the moment there is no danger at all. Do not say that simple minded big fat woman, that is, their family plus fidget cube a few people, but also do not want to crush the book ah. Zhen Dafu eyeful of black lines.

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